Opening Skylights


Opening Skylights-MainUse Opening Skylights or Roof Windows – Let Daylight and Fresh air in

Opening Skylights and Roof Windows used in combination with vertical windows provide drought-free and efficient ventilation, perfect for those hot, stuffy summer days. Let fresh air channel in from the side of the house and channel out through the skylights at the top of the house. You will feel the freshness instantly.

Remove Condensation Naturally

Kitchens and bathrooms are areas where the build up of condensation is high due to the steam produced from showering and/or cooking.

Opening Skylights and Roof Windows  act as natural extractors of hot air and minimize condensation and mold growth, naturally.

Electric Opening Skylight (VSE)


Electric opening skylight (VSE)

WHITE interior finish. Radio frequency electric operation and a rain sensor.

Manual Opening Skylight (VS)


Manual opening skylight (VS)

WHITE interior finish. Insect screen included.

Roof Window (GGL)



High quality treated timber, pre-finished with a clear, water-based lacquer.  Rotates for easy cleaning.

Roof Window (GGU)


Roof window (GGU)

Maintenance-free polyurethane, encapsulates and protects the timber core. Rotates for easy cleaning.

Low Pitch – Electric (VCE)


Low Pitch Opening Skylight - Electric (VCE)

WHITE ABS interior. Insect Screen Included. Specifically designed for flat roof or low pitch roofs below 15 degrees.

Low Pitch – Manual (VCM)


Low Pitch Opening Skylight - Manual (VCM)

WHITE ABS interior. Insect screen included. Specifically designed for flat roofs or low pitch roofs below 15 degrees.